Apostolos Doxiadis

To Tetarto

“With its multi-layered, inventive language, its lively and clever plot and its classical narrative development, Macabetas proves that Doxiadis is not only a born storyteller but also has an distinctive individual voice, a strong imagination and illuminating power. The book is a real “page-turner”… Although it is read at one sitting, it settles slowly in the reader’s unconscious mind. Is this a film-director that also writes? No, this is a novelist with a great future, whose second book, far from creating feelings of nostalgia for the first –as, alas, so often happens with our promising newcomers!– stimulates our anticipation for the next. With multiple meanings running through the text, Macabetas manages to playfully delight its reader — a feat that very few novels can accomplish.”

June 1, 1988: To Tetarto

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