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Tefchros Michailidis – Ta Nea

Mathematics in every day life
By Tefchros Michailidis

“…The two main themes of Incompleteness, a play and a theorem – which, surprisingly, despite its bleak setting could well be called a comedy – are the concepts of incompleteness and anorexia. The author, writing with exceptional and well-tempered humour, at times verging on the farcical, gives the play a tone of high comedy, illustrating both the application of mathematical concepts in everyday life and the tragedy lying behind personal cul-de-sacs. Through a language that is always purely theatrical, we understand the position of the mathematician in modern society, both from the perspective of the audience and from that of the ‘people in the business’.

Five workshop performances — as the author prefers to call them — of Incompleteness, were given in the small Epi Kolono Theatre, directed by Tony Stevens. The actors contributed significantly to this splendid experience; they were Alexandra Pavlidou in the multiple parts of the narrator, the anorexic daughter and the hilarious Mrs. Frobenious, Judy Boyle as the dietician and Jonathan Kemp as Gödel. This was a wonderful production of a much promising play which I hope we’ll soon get the chance to see on the professional stage.”

July 9,  2003 – Tefchros Michailidis – Ta Nea

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