Apostolos Doxiadis

LOGICOMIX on “Year’s Best” Lists

Logicomix is on many of the most prominent Year’s Best Lists, including TIME, The Guardian, National Public Radio, and many more.

TIME Magazine’s Top 10 of Everything List:Logicomix is in list of Top 10 Non-Fiction Books

“Apostolos Doxiadis’ charming dialogue and Alecos Papadatos’ simple, affecting drawings give the story an immediacy and approachability that nothing else could.”

The Independent’s Best Biography Books for Christmas

“The book is a triumph”

Publishers Weekly: Best Books of 2009

“Both informative and engrossing”

The Times Christmas Books: Graphic Novels

Logicomix ends up working out a wonderful synthesis between logic and passion, what’s provable and what lies outside meaning.”

Financial Times Books of the Year

“Rich, colourful and surprising”

National Public Radio, Season’s Readings: Top Picks from Indie Booksellers

“To compare it to a classic Archie and Veronica-style comic would be as unfair as comparing a Rembrandt to a child’s refrigerator drawing (unless of course it’s your child).”

San Francisco Chronicle: Holiday Gift Guide

“This remarkable book centers on Bertrand Russell’s life and philosophy – but is anything but stuffy.”

The Village Voice: 2009’s Best Comics and Graphic Novels

“Proves a surprisingly lively tale”

The Guardian Christmas Books: Novels

The Globe and Mail’s Year’s Best Graphic Books

The Washington Post: Best Books of 2009

Graphic Novel Reporter What to Give, What to Get 2009

Popular Mechanics: Best Books of 2009, Editor’s Choice

New Scientist’s Best Books of 2009

Shelf Awareness Top 10 Books (or so) of 2009

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