Apostolos Doxiadis

Lambrini Stamati – Ta Nea

Mathematics go to the theatre
By Lambrini Stamati

It appears that apart from Apostolos Doxiadis, the whole cast are attracted by the magic of the Incompleteness Theorem, and its repercussions for human living.  The team of “Epi Kolono Theatre” tested the boundaries of theatrical balance with ‘a story, and a meaning which created a direct, living bond with the audience’. They all felt upon them the double burden (on the one hand, the bleakness of portraying a man’s last days – and a mathematical theorem on the other), but they worked with an ‘audience friendly’ play, based on straightforward storytelling and, often, humour.

While explaining the essence of the theorem, Apostolos Doxiadis stresses: ‘The meaning of the theorem – and thus also the play – is that even in the Holy of Holies of rationalism, in the ivory, out-of-reach tower of mathematics, logic is not enough to lead us to complete truth. Gödel’s personal story is in itself an inimitable reflection on the existential depths of his work. It’s almost preposterous that the mega-champion of logic had such an absurd end. However, it is precisely this absurdity that reveals the profound meaning of his work”.

June 23, 2003: Lambrini Stamati – Ta Nea

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